The Crux of the Matter

The Crux of the Matter


The meat retail business is complex, riddled with jargon and hidden practices, delivering varying degrees of quality and consistency along the way. Pricing, hygiene, quality and provenance can often lack credibility and transparency.

However, you may have noticed our downright intense, serious obsession in creating the ‘right’ environment for our produce.

Working the way we do, is not only different but the customer also gets better value for a more consistent and superior product which has been lovingly nurtured through every step of the process.

Being afforded the luxury to be hands on with the farms and producers is something we don’t take for granted. It means we can really deliver on first-hand experience.

It’s not rocket science, but we’ve created a way for a truer and fairer treatment of our farmers and customers which always leads to complete transparency. Any question, any part of the process just ask!

We exist to bring honesty and integrity to meat retail, because real meat matters.

Kind regards,

Oliver Woolnough