Dairy Silverside


Explore Dairy Silverside from Meat Matters. Available in 2kg & 4kg options, our grass-fed silverside cuts offer rich flavor and tenderness. Order now for a gourmet dining experience!

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Indulge in the rich flavors of our premium Dairy Silverside, sourced from the finest grass-fed cows. Available in convenient 2kg and 4kg options, our silverside cuts are perfect for family dinners or special occasions. Slow-cooked or roasted to perfection, the delectable taste and tender texture of our silverside offer a gourmet experience right at your dining table. With our commitment to ethical farming and quality, you can trust Meat Matters to deliver the ultimate silverside experience. Order now and relish the wholesome goodness of authentic Dairy Silverside, only from Meat Matters. It’s more than meat; it’s a matter of taste!

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