Dan Lydiate Beef

Pedigree Organic Welsh Black Beef

Firstly, a big thank you for being one of my very first customers.


As some of you will know over the last 3 years I have established a small herd of pedigree Welsh Black cattle on my family farm at the Llaith Ddu valley Mid Wales 

I am really excited about this venture and I am determined to produce and deliver the very best quality beef that I am able. 


My ‘Llaith Ddu’ herd are all raised and grass fed on our 100% organic farm and I am hoping that this will produce a high quality beef for you to savour, and importantly, return for more.


I sincerely hope that you enjoy my produce and would genuinely welcome your honest feedback on quality and taste, maybe even supported by some thoughts on your favourite meal or recipe.


      Thank you!

       Dan Lydiate