Christmas Update

(All our beef can be frozen)

We are not doing a ‘Christmas release’ WHY?! For us, it’s about being real and transparent – even if it’s not what you want to hear. (Or us for that matter)

Our priority is to look after you for 364 days, not just 1

Our cattle are selected in the same way, whether it be February or December

This means we have a stable and consistent/ish amount each week.

We are lucky you love it so much and have a huge demand. The Release (The beef which is ready) often sells out swiftly already. We try to release more and more (without compromising quality)

The only way to meet Christmas demand would be to bring in just prime cuts (ribs/sirloins etc) and age it accordingly. And that’s not what we do, sustainability & use of cattle wise

We WILL be increasing our weekly release and larger format beef in the coming weeks/months

This is a HUGE decision for us to make (accountant ain’t best pleased) BUT we just will not compromise the beef. In the coming releases leading up to Christmas you can order the beef through website as normal and it will freeze perfectly for the big day.

Keep an eye out 10am every Thursday for the beef releases.

Being fair to everyone, we will not be reserving or ‘tagging’ any beef for anyone this year. ALL beef will be through the usual website weekly release.

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